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Formerly known as 501c3 Events, Ducks in a Row Events offers clients expert consulting -  by phone, email, and in person prior to the event; efficient management procedures – putting in place best practices during the entire event process; and a smoother event experience – training and managing volunteers, helping answer guests’ questions, making sure the event chairs focus on socializing and enjoying the event, and striving to eliminate lines at registration, cashiering, and item pick up. 

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We can customize a package or service to fit your needs... We can provide many services to assist in the success of your charity event.  We can help point you in the right direction, train your volunteers, and provide event organization. We also provide assistance with searching for an auctioneer and post event audit.  Please contact us for package pricing.

Event Night Auction Manager

Train and manage the volunteers in virtually all areas of your event. The Event Night Auction Manager shows up at least 2 hours prior to doors opening at the event.  Volunteers are expected to be there 90 minutes prior to doors opening so they can be trained in all of the areas necessary.  Your Event Night Auction Manager will help you put a system in place to help your guests get checked in and checked out in an expedited fashion. 

Event Night Auction Manager Assistant

The Assistant Manager trains and manages your volunteers in front-of-house including: Silent Auction, Live Auction Recording, and Raffle Sales. The Assistant works in tandem with the Auction Manager to make sure the process and the volunteers are running smoothly throughout the night of your event. 

Pre-Event Consulting

Pre-Event Consulting is to help your organization by answering questions and making suggestions prior to your event. 


Ducks in a Row Events contracts auctioneers through partnership with independent auctioneers.  Auctioneers are available for a flat fee, never offer consignment items, and will not charge a commission or buyer's premium.  Other services available may be combined with a package or contracted separately are Live Auction Spotters and Auction Announcers. 

Industry Partners

Event Night Data Entry

The Data Entry Specialists will enter all bid activity in a timely manner so the organization can manage the check out of their guests quickly and easily.  Data Entry specialists are trained in the use of several of the leading auction software programs.  Please contact us for more details.


Software Support

Our software support specialists are trained to use several of the top auction software programs.  Software Support will train the organization’s volunteers to enter data correctly.  They remain on site to help answer any computer related questions (software or select payment processing systems).  The Software Support individual is there to train and advise your volunteers. 

Event Day Computer Rental

Ducks in a Row Events can provide laptops for your event to be used for data entry, registration, or the Bidder Recognition system for the auctioneer.  Rental fees apply. Our equipment consultants are experienced to network the computers as needed for your event. 

Post-Event Financial Audit

Organizations unfamiliar or uncomfortable with performing a post-event audit and would like a consultant to help them with the process should consider this option. Post-Event Audit includes: going back over all Silent Auction, Live Auction, Sales, Donation, and registration forms and comparing them for accuracy in the auction database; preparing client credit card data for processing, assisting with set up of thank you letters, labels, post-event account statements, backing up of final auction database, and any other documents the organization would like printed.

Pre-Event Data Entry

Organizations that are short on committee members or time may find pre-event data entry services invaluable. Our pre-event data entry specialist can manage guest registration and auction item data entry with the leading auction software programs. They can also assist with registration site setup, contacting your table captains and retrieve guest lists and meal choices, and prepare your software for the night of data entry.

Event Coordinator Services

As an event coordinator, we can assist in coordinating everything from committee meetings to cleanup. We can help with preparing budgets, venue research, recruiting volunteers, and securing food and beverage services.

On the day of the event, our event coordinators can oversee volunteers, support staff, and vendors including auctioneers, MCs, and AV. Our event coordinators can perform essential administrative duties and assisting your event planners and managers. 

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